Some Facts
  1. Number of Laminates
  2. Next Release
    Sept 30
  3. Custom Made
  4. Original ideas
Customers Say
  1. Paul Christian
    Paul Christian
    More colors than any other laminate company.
  2. Geoff Sullivan
    Geoff Sullivan
    Custom laminates now! What will they think of next?
  3. Steve McDennis
    Steve McDennis
    Easy to work with and very customer service oriented.
  4. David Graham
    David Graham
    I was looking for a laminate with a texture. Lab Designs have more than I could imagine.
  5. Mary Brown
    Mary Brown
    I asked and they delivered. My samples arrived fast!
  6. Liz Green
    Liz Green
    I love the new Ultramatte Solid colors and Syncro Woodgrains. They are so unique and the quality is second to none.
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