Solid Color Laminates
(specifications below)

  1. SC412 Creme
    SC412 Creme
  2. SC424 Navy Blue
    SC424 Navy Blue
  3. SC414 Coffee
    SC414 Coffee
  4. SC418 Dark Grey
    SC418 Dark Grey
  5. SC434 Hunter Green
    SC434 Hunter Green
  6. SC416 Light Grey
    SC416 Light Grey
  7. SC422 Grape
    SC422 Grape
  8. SC420 Black
    SC420 Black
  9. SC428 Blue
    SC428 Blue
  10. SC426 Royal Blue
    SC426 Royal Blue
  11. SC436 Forest Green
    SC436 Forest Green
  12. SC442 Orange
    SC442 Orange
  13. SC432 Teal
    SC432 Teal
  14. SC430 Light Blue
    SC430 Light Blue
  15. SC440 Red
    SC440 Red
  16. SC438 Yellow
    SC438 Yellow

The 17 beautiful colors (including white - not pictured above) that make up the new UltraMatte Solid Color Series by Lab Designs is just the beginning. What truly sets the series apart is the revolutionary no fingerrprint finish ensuring smudges and streaks are virtually unseen, making them perfect for the most  demanding applications. These solid core laminates are easy-to clean and have a luxurious, silky texture. 


Size: 4’ x 10’ (48.25” x 120.5”) 

Thickness: 0.9 mm

Colors: 17 solid core colors 

Gloss Level: 3/ at 60o angle 

Scratch Resistance: EN 438-2: 1991 Level 2, >3N

Abrasion Resistance: EN 438-2: 2005 AT = 250 turns

Resistance to boiling water: EN 438-2: 2005 Level 5, no visable change

Resistance to water stream: EN 438-2: 2005 Level 5, no visable change

Chemical Resistance: EN 438-2: 2005 Group 1, 2, 3: level 5, no visable change