WA406 Dawn Maple

Lab Designs Premium Woodgrain Laminates
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Original Sheet Dimension:
4′ x 8′ (48-3/8″ x 96-3/8″)

Finish Applications:

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Care & Maintenance
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*Sizes and colors may vary from actual product samples depending on the equipment and software on which images are viewed and printed. Please view an actual product sample prior to specifying.

The Extended Life Series include DESIGNS THAT ARE STILL AVAILABLE BUT ARE MOVED HERE IN ORDER TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW LINES! This line carries some former best sellers as well as some other interesting designs in both, the Abstract Laminate Line and the Wood Grain Line. You must move quickly. Once these are gone, they will be retired.

1. Please handle with care, the product is thin.
2. Please remove from box/crate and let acclimate for 5-7 days before using.
3. After opening pallet or box lay laminate flat and put a heavy substrate on top to keep it from warping. Some warping can be extreme.
4. Never fabricate or store product under 60 degrees or above 90 degrees.
5. Leave your A/C or heater on at all times.
6. Never deliver finished product to a non- temperature controlled environment.
7. Never apply to dry wall without using substrate.